Conservatives first 100 days: day 6

Counter terrism plans unveiled. More powers to be granted to agencies to monitor anybody’sonline messages. Purportedly to stop terrorist acts and extremism. Much mention of “British Values” and “extremism” but very vague on the definitions. Will most likely be also used to silence dissenting voices and protests.

Boris Johnson claims his £67,000 a year job is the same as a zero hour contract.

Dear Labour Party pt 2

I’m sick to death of the middle class  “prominent voices” if the Labour party, moaning how the middle classes are being neglected in their aspirations. I’m not seeing much mention of the working classes. You need to recognise you desperately need the vote of the working classes. But none of you are prepared to listen to us.

On twitter you all pop up on my timeline begging people to join but when asked why should we,  nothing is said. You constantly retweet praise for yourselves so you ARE reading the tweets. But questions born out of sheer frustration go unanswered. You aren’t concerned with people’s problems with you,  just the praise you get.

You are pandering to the middle class voter. You are not prepared to roll up your sleeves and do any dirty work. Instead you go on about aspirations for the middle class.

There’s not enough talk, never mind action, about the real struggles that real people are going through. There’s not enough talk,  never mind action about the desperation & poverty that so many in the UK are facing right now and will face in the very near future.

People right now,  are having to resort to stealing out of date food in order to survive. In order to feed their families. So you’ll forgive me for not getting enthusiastically behind all your grandiose talk about raising aspirations in the middle classes.

In the past five years you’ve betrayed millions by not speaking up,  opposing and voting against the government. You’ve let countless lies go unchallenged in parliament. You’ve even refused to defend your spending record and the lies told, in the weeks up to the election. You’ve allowed the tories to rip the election from your hands. You’re to blame and no one else. You’ve betrayed us then, you’re betraying us now and I’ve no reason not to think you’ll betray us in the next five years.

Of course I’m wasting my breath. This is as futile as trying to get the Conservatives to listen to you. But you’re asking the question why many people won’t vote for you. Here’s an answer.

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Conservatives first 100 days: day 4

Iain Duncan Smith confirmed to carry on in Works and Pensions (presumably to continue the destruction and persecution of the poor and disabled and to waste more millions at Universal Credits)

Priti Patel is confirmed for Works and Pensions. (is in favour of hanging so presumably this will replace sanctions once they scrap the Human Rights Act)

Jeremy Hunt confirmed to stay at Health (presumably to continue the sell off of the NHS)

Penny Mordaunt named minister of armed forces (once gave a lewd speech in the commons to win a bet with a bunch of marine soldiers. Will obviously bring gravitas to the position)

Have I missed anything?

Dear Labour Party

You have had 5 years in which to passionately oppose, speak out and vote against the policies the  Conservatives have brought about.

You’ve had endless opportunities to challenge the lies told by George Osborne, David Cameron and especially Iain Duncan Smith in the House of Commons. But you did nothing. The lies went unchallenged.

There’s been 5 years of untold misery heaped upon the poor, the disabled,  the disadvantaged and the most vulnerable of our society through welfare cuts, the bedroom tax,  appalling and unfair benefit sanctions, forced underpaid labour via illegal work programmes,  the rise and abuse of zero hour contracts. Unfair work capability assessments carried out by under qualified sports physiotherapists (and the thousands of deaths that followed those assessments), a rise in foodbanks (from 66 to over 400) and over a million people using said foodbanks. Red Cross food parcels being handed out,  the stigmatisation and persecution of the disabled and unemployed, the privatisation of the NHS.  Sub contracts handed out to private companies who are supposed to help people find work but who do no more than make people fill out forms then reap the money. Access to Legal Aid all but stopped, charging employees £1,200 for a tribunal if they’ve been unfairly dismissed or mistreated.

All of this happened and you stood by. 

This election should’ve been a shoe in. You should have walked it. It was all but handed to you on a silver platter. Yet
you failed. And now you’re blaming the SNP and UKIP for “stealing your votes.” They didn’t steal the votes. You had to earn them and you didn’t.

Instead, you panicked. You pandered to the Daily Mail voter,  the right wing faction,  the racists,  the bigots and the wealthy.  You betrayed the very people you were originally created to represent. You failed to learn the lessons you should’ve learned from the Labour party of Tony Blair.

You perpetuated the demonisation and persecution of the disabled and
unemployed by adopting the rhetoric of the Conservatives. Parroting the phrase “hard working families” ad infinitum. Subliminally cementing in people’s minds that anyone who didn’t have a job was worthless and committing benefit fraud. You ended up alienating and stigmatising anyone unfortunate enough not to have a job (because we cannot forget that contrary to the popular belief that benefit fraud is at 27%, it’s actually 0.7%).

Instead of copying the “hard working families” rhetoric,  you should have focused on the “working class”.  You should’ve returned to being the party of the people. You alienated yourselves from the trade unions,  again cementing the stereotype that the unions are dangerous when they actually do more good.

You refused to even contemplate a coalition with the SNP and by doing so,  you helped the Conservatives convince the voters that the SNP were dangerous. You alienated yourselves from Scotland. Yes you betrayed them too.

You’ve failed the people of the UK. You  don’t deserve the good will you’re getting right now to be honest.

So I what do I want to see from you?  I want to see you do what you’re supposed to be doing.  I want to see you support the ordinary,  working class people. I want to see you go up against the Conservatives at every chance you get. I want to see you oppose their policies that will destroy millions of people’s lives . I want to see a packed House of Commons with no abstaining,  no pairing off. I want to see every Labour MP in the chamber,  visibly supporting the people of Britain,  visibly arguing and debating against the vindictive and cruel policies the government are about to start making.

Then and only then will I start contemplating voting for you again. Until you start supporting us,  you don’t deserve our support.

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Welcome to 5 more years of Conservative Dictatorship

Today on the bus,  a man felt the need to passive aggressively interrogate my partner who is in a wheelchair. The fact that he felt so comfortable in his entitlement to do this enraged me to the point of tears. I wasn’t the only one appalled at his behaviour. Even his wife was furious at him and kept telling him to mind his own business.

Each time she told him to stop,  he told her to “hold on a minute”. His arrogant manner in which he said this was repulsive. I felt helpless as I was sitting behind this couple. Eventually I got up and stood next to my partner.

His arrogance and entitlement quickly disappeared at my appearance. I tried to get him to look at me however he started to look panicked and refused to meet my gaze. Like all bullies,  the minute he was confronted he stopped.

However,  my partner was very polite & friendly to the man (as he always is) and answered most of the interrogative questions with good grace and humour. You see he tries to look on the bright side of things. He feels that because opinion of the disabled is at an all time low,  if he’s able to talk to people and get them to see he’s just an ordinary bloke,  people may start to think differently. So yes,  he was very polite and answered the questions.

But my point is,  he shouldn’t have to.

Thus we have the UK David Cameron has created with the help of George Osborne, Iain Duncan Smith and Esther Mcvey. People with disabilities are automatically treated with suspicion. The default position (ably manipulated by this government’s lies,  wrong targets and blame) is that all disabled people are faking it and they are inferior. It’s ablism and it’s repugnant. Ablism fuelled interrogation is heartbreaking to witness it. Most of all when it happens to a loved one.

But for an accident with a car,  it could be you. All it takes is for you to have an unfortunate accident and you too could be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of your life (my partner has been told he will never be able to walk again without the need for crutches and the wheelchair). People with disabilities are no more different than you. Why people treat them otherwise is beyond my comprehension.

An hour or so after I posted this, the following news was released:


I have no words.

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The Most Articulate Summary of Conservative Attitude.

Like many I went to bed late last night, in shock at the exit polls. I woke up this morning to find that for some inexplicable reason, the people of UK decided to vote for the party that had caused the most damage to the poorest members of society. The one that created the need for the increase in foodbanks. The party that created more child poverty. The party that persecutes and harasses the disabled. The party that sanctions people for attending job interviews rather than signing on appointments. The party that drastically limited access to Legal Aid. The party that created the Bedroom Tax. The Party that is selling off the NHS. The party that kills thousands of people every year through DWP decisions based on a tick the box questionnaire filled in by a sports masseuse. I guess having the mainstream media, journalists and the BBC in your pocket to spread lies on your behalf will do the trick.

Anyway, I discovered something interesting this morning. I went onto the official site for the Conservative’s manifesto as I wanted a copy for future reference and comparison (what they promised, what they actually delivered and what they lied about). I noticed a section where you could put your post code in and they would tell you what their manifesto promised for your area. I put my postcode in (yes it was entered in correctly) and I put a legitimate email address in. It came up with this:

postcode email partially obscured for privacy reasons)

Please enter a valid postcode.

It wasn’t just my postcode either. I tried Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland postcodes. All came up with the same. Then I entered a London postcode and what do you know, it came up with a load of information. I entered another London code, same again. Plenty of info.

You aren’t valid if you don’t live in London. If you aren’t white, wealthy and healthy, then you’re fucked.