Conservatives first 100 days: day 6

Counter terrism plans unveiled. More powers to be granted to agencies to monitor anybody’sonline messages. Purportedly to stop terrorist acts and extremism. Much mention of “British Values” and “extremism” but very vague on the definitions. Will most likely be also used to silence dissenting voices and protests.

Boris Johnson claims his £67,000 a year job is the same as a zero hour contract.

Dear Labour Party pt 2

I’m sick to death of the middle class  “prominent voices” if the Labour party, moaning how the middle classes are being neglected in their aspirations. I’m not seeing much mention of the working classes. You need to recognise you desperately need the vote of the working classes. But none of you are prepared to listen to us.

On twitter you all pop up on my timeline begging people to join but when asked why should we,  nothing is said. You constantly retweet praise for yourselves so you ARE reading the tweets. But questions born out of sheer frustration go unanswered. You aren’t concerned with people’s problems with you,  just the praise you get.

You are pandering to the middle class voter. You are not prepared to roll up your sleeves and do any dirty work. Instead you go on about aspirations for the middle class.

There’s not enough talk, never mind action, about the real struggles that real people are going through. There’s not enough talk,  never mind action about the desperation & poverty that so many in the UK are facing right now and will face in the very near future.

People right now,  are having to resort to stealing out of date food in order to survive. In order to feed their families. So you’ll forgive me for not getting enthusiastically behind all your grandiose talk about raising aspirations in the middle classes.

In the past five years you’ve betrayed millions by not speaking up,  opposing and voting against the government. You’ve let countless lies go unchallenged in parliament. You’ve even refused to defend your spending record and the lies told, in the weeks up to the election. You’ve allowed the tories to rip the election from your hands. You’re to blame and no one else. You’ve betrayed us then, you’re betraying us now and I’ve no reason not to think you’ll betray us in the next five years.

Of course I’m wasting my breath. This is as futile as trying to get the Conservatives to listen to you. But you’re asking the question why many people won’t vote for you. Here’s an answer.

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Conservatives first 100 days: day 4

Iain Duncan Smith confirmed to carry on in Works and Pensions (presumably to continue the destruction and persecution of the poor and disabled and to waste more millions at Universal Credits)

Priti Patel is confirmed for Works and Pensions. (is in favour of hanging so presumably this will replace sanctions once they scrap the Human Rights Act)

Jeremy Hunt confirmed to stay at Health (presumably to continue the sell off of the NHS)

Penny Mordaunt named minister of armed forces (once gave a lewd speech in the commons to win a bet with a bunch of marine soldiers. Will obviously bring gravitas to the position)

Have I missed anything?